New/Amended ABC Rules & Regulations

Eight new or amended Rules and Regulations took effect as of November 27, 2016. To read about each rule, click on the rule number. Complete and updated regulations are available on the Alabama Administrative Code page.

20-X-2-.01 Glossary of Terms
20-X-5-.15 Permits for Off-Site Tasting Rooms for In-State Wine Manufacturers and a Winery Association
20-X-6-.18 Draft Beer for Off-Premises Consumption
20-X-7-.07 Wine Tastings
20-X-7-.11 Spirits Tastings
20-X-8-.10 Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages by Wholesalers and In-State Manufacturers of Beer and Wine
20-X-8-.14 Requirements of Financial Responsibility by Manufacturers
20-X-9-.04 Record Keeping Requirements for In-State Manufacturers of Beer, Wine and Spirits, and Brew Pubs